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I formerly worked for trial attorneys, and now I am a health nut ... blogging from home and annoying my kids.


Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Julie Alexander and I am a health nut. This may be the result of approaching a middle age crisis, but I am one nevertheless.

It started back in 2004. I was working as a paralegal (and had done so for nearly 18 years) when I decided to join and work for a health and wellness company on the side just for fun and in an effort to learn to take better care of my health. Little did I know that I would quickly become obsessed with learning about wellness. Prior to this obsession, I believed that we were to live our life as usual and go to the doctor when we get sick. I now know that if we change our focus to prevention, we could drastically cut down trips to the doctor's office and perhaps live a much longer and happier life.

In my efforts to live a better quality life with my husband, three kids, and three dogs, I left my paralegal career in the summer of 2006 and added "blogger" to my health and wellness career. Now I blog ... and I do so in order to share my new wealth of information with others. If you find this blog to contain useful information full of small steps you can take to improve your life, please let others know about my blog and/or add me to your blogroll and help me spread the word.

Please keep in touch with as I will publish posts regularly and I'll provide lots of interesting links. (Most will be to share great information with you, but some may be affiliate links so that I can make a living.) You can easily keep up to date by subscribing to my blog. Send me a note sometime too. I love to get email and suggestions for my blog.

I hope you enjoy